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The Association of African Private Universities (AAPU) is an international forum for African Private Universities with its headquarters in Kano, Nigeria. The association intents to have a strong forum for partnership collaboration mechanism among the member institutions. AAPU was founded in November 15, 2018. The association aimed at promoting among member institutions such as Academic Collaboration for Research, Staff and Student Exchange, and dealing with bottlenecks that is hampering the developmental growth of African Private Institutions.


  1. Promote cooperation among member institutions in Curriculum Development, Research, Quality Assurance, Determination of Equivalents of Qualifications and other matters with special interest to Development of Higher Education in Africa.
  2. Promote cooperation with Government Regulatory Agencies in Higher Education to enhance Quality Assurance particularly as it affect recognition of Private Universities and Accreditation of their Programmes.
  3. To encourage and empower member institutions to address developmental challenges to become Centre of Excellence in Research and Development in Higher Education.
  4. To collect, classify and disseminate information on Higher Education and Research particularly in Africa.
  5. To prepare and conduct joint scientific research projects and publish their outcomes.
  6. To act as a mediator between Government and member institutions in disputes, disagreement and any matters relating to African Private Institutions.

Our Activities

Seminar & Conferences

The Association organizes regular seminars and conferences to encourage knowledge dissemination and innovative thinking about issues of particular concern to the Association and Member Institutions.

Educational Summits/ Conventions

The Educational Summits/Conventions are designed for Lecturers, university faculties, policymakers, and other education stakeholders to explore the opportunities and challenges of education in the 21st century.

Compendium of Theses & Dissertations

Database of African Theses and Dissertations containing citations and abstracts for dissertations completed in African Private Universities.

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

The Annual General meeting (AGM) is a mandatory yearly gathering of the members of the association. At the AGM, the Board of Directors of the Association present an Annual Report containing information for Members about the Associations’ Performance on Industry interaction, number of panel discussions and community development programmes conducted in the year. The AGM focus mainly towards identifying the future Industrial Training needed, Knowledge, Skills & Competencies expected from the students of member institutions to make them ready for new emerging career trends.

Sports Competition

Organization of well-structured youth sports and on-going physical activities provides many benefits for Students of Member Institutions. The positive experiences that sports and an active lifestyle bring play an important role in a student’s life.

Academic Staff Exchanges

Academic staff exchange program is implemented in the framework of bilateral agreements between Private African Universities that are members of the Association.

Our Strategic Goals


Promote and facilitate networking, collaboration and experience sharing in teaching, learning and research between member institutions.


Facilitate mutually beneficial interaction between member institutions and the external international bodies on Higher Education and other International Community Development Agencies.


Improve the Governance and Organizational Framework of the Association and raise the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Governance of member institutions.


Improve the Governance and Organizational Framework of the Association and raise the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Governance of member institutions.


Provide an effective representation of the African Private Higher Education Community in Regional and International Affairs.

Adequate Resources

Provide the AAPU Secretariat with a Secure and Adequate Resource base for the pursuit of the Association’s goals.

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